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Sport Lead is an international project consisting of former top athletes and current coaches and managers, who know well both the positive and risky part of professional sports. We have been bound by personal experience and awareness of the significant importance of the mental development and education in the process of goal-achievement. Thanks to our personal sport experience, expertise, love for sports, motivation to help others and personalized attitude we will help athletes, coaches, sport managers and sport organizations to be successful in the long term.

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„Mental game plays a huge role in human life. How we cope with difficult situations and face stress will affect our performance in sports. Sport Lead offers educational programs for athletes, coaches, teams, and entire organizations who want to learn how to move forward and move those around them to achieve their goals. Education seems to me the most effective way, how we can influence sports performance, and also improve the quality of life.“

Ilona Burgrová, (Olympian, vice-champion of the world in basketball, chairwoman of the Commission for Equal Opportunities in Sport of the Czech Olympic Committee)
“Many thanks to Sport Lead for the great work in training coaches throughout our licensed courses. I appreciate readiness, expertise and accurate recognition of problems and their solutions.”

Ing. Jaroslav Korcak, Chairman of the natioal team comittee and a head coach of the Czech Softball association
“Sport Lead has created perfect webinars, which attracted big interest among our junior teams. We consider mental training and mental toughness to be a key aspect of our young racers´ development. Therefore we would like to cooperate with Sport Lead in the long term.”

Petr Briza, president of the RS Class Association, Czech Republic

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