Jitka Čábelická

Participant of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021, four-time mountain bike champion of the Czech Republic XCO

Why did you start with mental training?

In fact, at first I thought I didn't need something like that. However, I got to a point where my physical condition kept improving, but the results did not reflect it. My beginnings were good, but small situations always broke me and the race was behind expectations. For me, these were signals that it was necessary to look for problems and reserves somewhere else.

How have you improved throughout the years of cooperation?

I got to know myself better. I learned to perceive my emotions better. Also my crisis management is much better.

How come Katerina is the right fit for you for so many years - what are her professional strengths?

Cooperation with Katka has reached a professional-friendly level, when it is not a problem to discuss unpleasant things with her. She doesn't show me the right way, but rather tries to guide me well. Even after so many years, she still has ideas for improvement.

Do you feel that your cooperation is still enriching you?

Mental preparation is a never-ending story. Some problems will be eliminated, others will decrease. Some of them keep coming back and new ones arrive. I am getting a more detailed understanding of myself - how to be stronger and more resilient to the surroundings and difficult events during the race. That's why it's important to keep doing this and don´t change something that works.