Sport Lead

About us

Sport Lead is an international project consisting of former top athletes and current coaches and managers, who know well both the positive and risky part of professional sports. We have been bound by personal experience and awareness of the significant importance of the mental development and education in the process of goal-achievement. Our unique values are:

accredited education
of coaches and athletes

Sport Lead FOR YOU

Thanks to our personal sports experience, expertise, love of sport, motivation to help others and individualized approach, we help athletes to stand out, make a difference and succeed even after the end of their sports career. We do that with the help of our internationally accredited educational programs. We have also prepared programs for coaches and managers, who know well that success is determined by details. In order to be successful in the long term, it is necessary to train professionally constantly. The program for parents is designed to learn more about how to be the right psychological support during the development of a young athlete. For sports organizations that want to be successful in the long term and have educated experts in their team, we offer internal programs for their talented athletes, teams, coaches and managers. We cooperate with the international educational institution International Leadership and Business Academy, thanks to which we guarantee the expertise of our programs that are internationally accredited. More about the International Leadership and Business Academy can be found:

Sport Lead is a professional support on the way to your success.

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