Erik Grubner

golf player

Erik, what results did you have during your first season with Honza Prochazka?

My personal best during the last season was the 3rd place after the first round at Raiffasenbank Czech Golf Amateur Tour and at Masters in Konopiste. I also played at a Club Championship which I won. I won the 5th place at masters. For the first time I also managed to be competitive with professionals and I was even able to beat them. My first appearance at Golf Advisor Czech Open with professional players was interesting. I ended up on the 27th place out of 66 players and I managed (for the first time in my career as a junior player) to beat more than 12 professional players. Similarly at a tournament with professional players in Konopiste I finished 28th out of 72 players and I left 12 professional players behind. With Honza we worked on becoming a better team player in team golf competitions. We finished 5th together with another team in men´s extra league.


My career´s best success so far was the last tournament of the season - IMG ACADEMY JUNIOR WORLD GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP - which took place in Kuneticka Hora at the end of very unpleasant wind conditions. We prepared for a long time how to be mentally tougher in very uncomfortable conditions, which I used to have big problems with. Eventually I was able to win this tournament and thus make it for the first time to the worldwide international ranking (World Amateur Golf Rankings). That was definitely my career´s milestone, even though this goal was set for next season. Thanks to this tournament I qualified for my first tournament in the USA in Florida.  Working with Honza definitely took me to the higher level.

On what particular aspects did you work with Honza?

I think I matured in the way that I realized that golf isn´t only about how I hit the ball, but also that everything is taking place in my mind. I worked a lot on that this season. Earlier, when I putted in the birdie putt, my heart started pounding, my hands started shaking and the putt didn´t go well. We also worked a lot on managing stressful moments. That helped me with short plays, which I used to have problems with. It improved thanks the visualization technique that I learned during our mental trainings with Honza. I often visualize my shots as to how they should be and it helps me a lot. We also worked a lot on breathing exercises thanks to which my driver’s length improved quickly by 8 meters. The right breathing before shots helps me.

We also talked about my nutrition, which used to be bad.  I would have never thought how important it is to stay hydrated. Now I have more energy on the golf course and even during longer tournaments. My performance is more stable thanks to Honza´s education. I am very glad I started with mental training. This knowledge helps me not only on golf course but also in my normal life or at school.