Sport lead

Jindřich Dušek

Jindřich is a graduate of FTVS UK, majoring in psychology - physical education. After graduation he joined the Association of Sport Psychologists of the Czech Republic and started to implement the knowledge from the world of psychology into the world of sport. He is experienced in a wide range of sports at the highest, national level, as well as performance level, with both senior and child athletes; football, tennis, golf, handball, athletics, judo, hockey, boccia, water slalom and others. He has taught psychology at several high schools in Prague, and still teaches soft skills and travels to lectures.

At the same time, he realized that he needed to give his clients more comprehensive care, so he underwent several years of psychotherapeutic training in group psychoanalysis, expanding his field of practice to include psychotherapeutic services. Nevertheless, he tries to combine sports psychology with psychotherapy as much as possible. He also has work experience with schizophrenic clients and has worked for several years in an educational care centre with troubled youth and their families. He is now fully concentrating on his work as a psychotherapist and sports psychologist.