Sport Lead

Programs for athletes

We build on our own personal experiences of top athletes; we understand what you are going through. Based on this, we have prepared specific programs for you, which will help you in various stages of your career and prepare you to successfully manage the transition from a sports career to the next stage of your life. Our approach is always individual, we try to understand and adapt to your personality, your needs and goals, problems and life situation. We have prepared international, accredited, university online programs for you to apply after the end of your sports career.

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Program Breakthrough

Start at the right time.

Gain an advantage over your opponent. We can start with mental training from the youth categories. As well as training specific sports skills, we teach young athletes to train useful mental skills and habits that are important for success in elite sports. Are you entering a period that means a career shift in the field of professional top sports? Do you have big dreams, ambitions and expectations? Are you planning a sports transition abroad? Do you want to be professionally prepared for this change, not only physically but also mentally? We have prepared an educational program for you, which specializes in the development of mental skills. We offer special scholarship programs for young talented athletes.

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Program Sports dream

Chase your dream.

You often hear in the media the expressions of successful athletes or coaches about how important the "mind" is for achieving maximum performance. Physically well-trained athletes who fail at crucial moments are often not mentally prepared. Don't become one of them. You know you have talent, you work hard on yourself, and you don't want to leave anything to chance. Do you want to control all aspects of sports performance? So we have prepared this program just for you. Regular and systematic mental training with our experts will help you set up a winning mind and achieve your goals. We offer "Olympic Scholarship" with special conditions to athletes aspiring to participate in the Olympic Games