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Programs of Dual Career

We know from our personal experience that ending a sports career and moving to the next phase of life can be difficult, so it is very important to prepare for this transition during a professional sports career. The athlete thus gains a greater sense of balance, readiness and peace. To gain additional professional skills and knowledge needed to perform new professions in the field of sports and beyond, we offer and mediate internationally accredited, university, distance learning programs.

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Program Talent Coach

The Talent Coach program is an internationally accredited training program designed primarily for trainers, coaches, managers, sports scouts ... In order to develop people's potential, we should properly understand the nature of their personalities, their potential, strengths, needs and motives for their behavior. People's character is constantly developing over years. The goal of a good coach is to help people reach their full potential not only in the areas of specific skills, physical abilities and energy, but also in the areas of emotional and social intelligence and also to strengthen their passion, will and desire for action in the process of self-improvement. True talent management means developing the full potential of all the people in the team. If all team members reach their full potential, give their unique qualities in the sake of the team, the team can deliver the best performance. How to be truly effective and successful during this process? Our behavior and actions depend on our choices. Although everyone has their preferred style of communication and behavior, it is important to be able to adapt, to be able to recognize what behavior is appropriate and effective in a given situation and for a given person. This program includes the topics of self-management, leadership, coaching, communication and human resource management.

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Leadership Program

In this specialized internationally accredited training course you will learn the basic principles of leadership and how to address current challenges for leaders in the sports industry. Successful leaders are constantly evolving, renovating organizations, changing their status quo. Leadership is primarily about inspiring people with visions, creating a culture of the organization and their values, building an attractive and stimulating environment for developing people's potential, personal growth and performance. All these aspects are decisive in the battle for talents. Really talented people are primarily looking for an environment for their growth, self-realization and belonging, more than just material rewards. The art of creating an environment that offers development, education, interest and care for a person and their well-being are crucial for that. How do you integrate all these aspects into your team, in your sports organization? How to turn current challenges into opportunities? You will learn all this in this specialized internationally accredited educational program, which focuses primarily on the topics of self-management, leadership, communication, management, human resource management and change process management.

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Program Leaders in Sport

This unique international MBA program is a common project of the International Leadership & Business Academy, Netherlands Business Academy, City Campus Dordrecht in cooperation with leading European sports organizations and with participation of renowned lecturers from the world of sports. Sports organizations are specific dynamically evolving institutions, whose management requires a holistic approach and interdisciplinary knowledge. This program is designed for managers and coaches of sports organizations who want to be successful in an innovative international sports environment. In this international program you have the opportunity to gain inspiration and contacts from colleagues from foreign sports organizations. During this program you will discuss and address practical issues from your daily practice. As part of your study, you will learn answers to the questions of how to address current and future challenges in this dynamically developing sector. How to attract and develop talented people? How to work with your coaching and sports team? How to develop the internal culture and values of the organization? How to communicate properly with the public? How to adapt to the specifics of modern young generations? For managers and coaches of sports academies, we have prepared a shortened distance study program called the Mini MBA Leaders of Sport Academies, which focuses on the specifics of sports academies. Subjects from the MBA program Leaders in Sport are presented in the Mini MBA program Leaders of Sport Academies in a simplified and abbreviated form and modified to the specifics of sports academies so that the program is time and money efficient and available for managers and coaches working with youth. The MBA Leaders in Sport and Leaders of Sport Academies courses are the best ones in leadership, coaching, human resource management, long-term development, education, ethics, project management, change management, strategic management, communications, marketing, financial management and also information management. You can hear lots of inspiring lessons from leading international experts in the world of sports.